About Us

Jordan Schneider, USA- Founder, Webmaster, and Contributor

Is a 18-year-old, born and raised in New York City. He enjoys tennis, soccer, and violin, reads the economist and the atlantic semi-religiously, and spends too much time and emotional sanity on the Mets and Bills.

Marc Wallach, USA- Editor-In-Chief and Contributor

Lives in New York City and attends the Collegiate School. He enjoys following sports, debating, and writing for the school newspaper.

Kenneth Reveiz, USA- Editor

Is a devourer of books, plays, magazines, newspapers, and films. He wants to contribute and support the education and awareness that this helpful, informative site offers.

The Children’s Rights Defense Association, Mali – Contributing Partner Organization

See: http://www.crda-addenmali.org/

Gesa Mike Munabi, Uganda-Contributor

Grace Kirabo Nakyeyune, Uganda-Contributor

Andrew Coffman, USA-Translator, French to English

Jonathan Yip, USA- Banner Creator



  1. Iam by the names of Gesa Mike Munabi, a Ugandan national and currently involved in youth leadership and community development. Iam interested in expanding the operations of Teen Freedom in Uganda, East Africa.

    Looking forward to hearing from you as rgards thios issue.

    Thank you

    Be blessed,
    Gesa Mike Munabi
    Country Representative
    Students For Global Democracy-Uganda

  2. hi iam a ugandan graduate ,what are the benefits when i join teen freedom and i look forward for your cooperation
    grace kirabo

  3. Hey,
    Liquid soap here.I’m afraid I cant become a contributor but you have a pretty interesting project here and the country articles show a lot of research and dedication.

  4. you guys rule!!

  5. This is a cool site, I like how you guys have surveys from different parts of the world, I’d really like to travel more, nature sure is nice 🙂

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