Relevant Maps

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Conscription (wikipedia)


Blue: institutions in place to have a draft, yet no active draft

Orange: conscripton soon to be abolished

Red: conscription

Gray: unknown

Abortion Rights (wikipedia)

Voting Ages (wikipedia)

Voting Ages

Iran: 15

Brazil, Cuba, and Nicaragua: 16

Sudan, East Timor, Indonesia, and North Korea: 17

Blue Covering Most of the World: 18
South Korea:19

Cameroon, Japan, Taiwan and Tunisia: 20

Black: 21

Colors progress from light (young voting age) to dark (old)

Homosexual Rights (wikipedia.org)

homosexuality laws good

Drinking Ages, Under Construction (Jordan Schneider)


Drinking Prohibited=Black


20=Dark Red

19=Light Purple, Japan

18=Purple, South Korea

17=Bluish Purple

16=Blue, Thailand


No age limit=White, China

Colors based on first age legal to buy any alcohol, not all alcohol. Also, some countries restrict first age of purchase to wine or beer, and allow purchase of hard liquor at a more advanced age.

Labor Laws (teacher.scholastic.com)
Informal Labor (street vending, begging, portering…)

Commercial labor
(includes factory work, farming, fishing, mining, quarrying, and all other forms of manufacturing)
Subject to both conditions

The International Labor Organization (ILO) defines child labor as work by children under 18. Hazardous child labor in the eyes of the ILO is “work which, by its nature or the circumstances in which it is carried out, is likely to harm the health, safety, or morals of children.” This map utilizes these parameters.

Percent of Population under 18 (BBC) (Click on map to view)

% of population

Freedom in The World (Freedom House, at Freedomhouse.org)

Freedom in the World

Green: Free

Orange: Partially Free

Red: Not Free

See Freedom House’s Methodology:


Average Years of Schooling for Adults (epdc.org)

Years of Schooling Adult

Adult Literacy (epdc.org)


Secondary School Net Enrollment Rate (epdc.org)

2ndary net enrollment rate



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  2. Um, in the Drinking Age chart you have Chili listed as 21, whereas it’s 18. Only five countries are at 21 (Fiji, Pakastan (for non-Muslims), Palau, Sri Lanka and the United States). Your chart shows many more than that, making it either misleading or filled with errors.

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    you rock, don’t ever change

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