Country Reports

Overview of Country Reports

Country Reports

  • Freedom of expression
  • Censorship
    • Books
    • Internet
  • Dress codes
  • Freedom of religion (discrimination?)

Education System

  • Literacy Rates
  • Structure of Education System, Years of Obligatory Schooling
  • Flexibility of schooling, what courses are they allowed to take
  • Indoctrination Factor
  • Academic Freedom
  • Sexual Separation, if any

Government Granted “Rights of Age”

  • Right to Vote
  • Right to Drink Alcohol
  • Right to Birth Control
  • Age of Consensual Sex
  • Conscription
  • Right to Marry


  • Homosexual Rights
  • Abortions
  • Views on pre-marital sex


  • Percent of population under 18
  • Percentage of children who are employed
  • Personal experiences
  • General cultural view of a teen’s role in society

Note: This is an evolving outline. Suggestions for additions, clarifications, or removals are encouraged and can be posted as comments on this page.


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