June 19, 2006

This actually exists.

After a year plus of on-and-off work, there is a somewhat legit teenfreedom website. Quick pause for celebration…

Yay !
Ok. With that out of the way, an explanation. Teenfreedom, the brainchild of myself, a New York highschooler, looks at how much freedom teens have in their respective countries. I’ve make an evolving list of categories (see “general catagories” page) which I think apply to the liberty of teens, and I, with a few others, have been applying these list to the countries. Any suggestions or offers to do country reports are welcome.

So for the first post, I’m getting a few reports on Saudi Arabia, Greece, and some of Japan.

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  1. Yeah , yeah. Teens are always chained , why ? Because we wanna fly high. Stupid Adults

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